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Seed project: Accessibility and Inclusion - Digitalization Rights in Law and Practice

The main objective for this seed project within the Knowledge environment Digital Transformations is to analyse the European Accessibility Act (Directive 2019/882) and its implementation in Sweden and explore to what extent these rights contribute to increased accessibility and inclusion.

Brigitte Pircher, Department of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences
Mexhid Ferati, Department of Informatics, Faculty of Technology
Viktorija Kalonaityte, Department of Management, School of Business and Economics

Main areas of research/collaboration/education
Digital transformation, Digital rights, social inclusion, labour market

About the project

What is a seed project?

A seed project is a minor project funded by a knowledge environment or a research group at the university. The aim is to launch and promote excellent research. Depending on the financier, a seed project may be to idenfify new or deepen existing collaborations, preferably cross-disciplinary ones, to explore possible research issues in a feasibility study, to collect empirical material, or to write an application for external funding.

This project aims to bridge the gap between digitalization policies and their implementation in Sweden, shedding light on challenges and promoting accessibility and inclusion. Thereby, the European Accessibility Act serves as a focal point, and the project analyses its implementation in Sweden, comparing EU objectives with national law.

Data from EU and Swedish law sources, as well as newspaper articles, are used for analysis. By developing a framework for investigating these rights in practice, the project further aims to examine the challenges faced by companies and individuals in granting and accessing these rights. The research team consists of scholars from three different faculties, enabling a multidisciplinary perspective.

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