Bioactive Polymers Laboratory (BPL)

In the Bioactive Polymers Laboratory research group, we are interested in various aspects of bioactive polymers – peptide discovery, synthesis, structures, activities and mechanisms of action, as well as development of applications.

Our present work in the Bioactive Polymers Laboratory (BPL) research group focuses on three main project areas.

  1. Peptide toxin exploration – mainly the elaboration of neuroactive peptides recently discovered in ribbon worms.
  2. Peptides at cell surfaces – structure-function variation among avian beta-defensins (AvDBs).
  3. Polymer-based applications – the development of molecular recognition-based applications.

The principal methods employed in our laboratory are solid-phase peptide synthesis (Fmoc), preparative and analytical HPLC, analytical LC-MS and bioassays. Other important methods include NMR and in silico modeling for structure elucidation, as well as bioinformatic analyses, by the help of our collaborators.

The Bioactive Polymers Laboratory is part of the Department of Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences and Linnaeus University Centre for Biomaterials Chemistry.


The 2018-19 BPL team

The Bioactive Polymers Laboratory research group
The Bioactive Polymers Laboratory research group, from left to right:
- Linn Bolme, BSc student
- Ogechukwu Blessing Okereke, MSc student
- Anu Helin, doctoral student (main supervisor: Jonas Waldenström)
- Quentin Laborde, MSc, research assistant
Team leader: Håkan Andersson, senior lecturer

Are you interested in pursuing a degree project (MSc or BSc) with us? Contact Håkan Andersson, team leader.