Computational Social Sciences

The research in the area Computational Social Sciences within Linnaeus University Centre for Data Intensive Sciences and Applications (DISA) is about producing and analyzing large quantities of data to understand human behavior in social contexts.

Our research

The researchers within Computational Social Sciences are analyzing social media and other data to extend the knowledge about the drivers of human behavior and the most common patterns of interaction.

In the research, they are conducting online experiments and experiments based on mobile apps. They are also building social simulation models based on empirical data (e.g. deriving from the activities above).

The research group is open to work with external partners. Computational social science research is often used, for instance, as a support for policy making or to help the governance of large organizations.

Computational Social Sciences is an application area within the Linnæus University Centre of Excellence (LNUC) for Data Intensive Sciences and Applications.

Seed projects

At DISA, we encourage and support seed projects. Seed projects are intended to promote and nurture excellence research, development and innovation within data intensive sciences and applications with cross-discipline collaboration.

Seed projects at Computational Social Sciences

Exploring data and establishing routines for collaboration on energy experiments