Digital Humanities Seminars

The Digital Humanities (DH) Seminar series is aimed at providing a forum for relevant DH discussion in the region and beyond, inspiring collaboration with wider audiences about the emerging field of DH field and University’s DH Initiative, thus both strengthening the DH Initiative’s established network, as well as creating a space for collaboration between universities and cross-sectoral partners at national and international levels.

Upcoming seminars

  • 2018
    • Stefan Eklöf Amirell. The 2017 Oxford summer school in digital humanities: some impressions and implications for teaching and research in the humanities at Linnaeus University. 23 April. Abstract.
    • Anna Foka. Anna Foka: Critical Infrastructures. 08 May. Abstract.

Past seminars



  • 2015
    • Ilir Jusufi. Visual analysis of multivariate data from different science domains – from biochemistry to social sciences. 19 November 2015.
    • Aris AlissandrakisSusanna Nordmark. Mobile digital storytelling as means for influencing technology enhanced learning sustainability in teacher practices. 19 November.


Seminars are streamed through Adobe Connect at the following link,