Educational Linguistics

The Educational Linguistics research group brings together researchers in Linguistics and in Language Education, focusing on the theme ‘language (in) education’ (see Hult, 2010).*


We address questions that reflect different perspectives on language and language education, for example classroom interaction, subject-specific language practices, multimodality, language development and assessment. Our main areas of research are the following:

  • Criticality
  • Discourses and policy in education
  • Literacy
  • Multilingualism
  • Teaching and learning

This research group provides a venue for educational linguistic research across a range of different languages and is tied to the Department of Languages and the Department of Swedish Language. The research is aligned with the aims of Linnaeus University to provide high-quality research of immediate relevance to society as well as high-quality undergraduate and post-graduate education. Therefore, the research group is closely connected to pre-service and in-service teacher education and training at Linnaeus University. Several of the researchers in this group are part of local as well as external research networks, collaborating with researchers in cross-disciplinary projects at Linnaeus and other universities. There is also close collaboration with teachers in pre-schools, schools and at university.


The Educational Linguistics research group is tied to the teacher education programmes, providing a resource for students through teaching, supervision and examination of degree projects. The research group also provides professional development opportunities for in-service teachers.


The group meets every other Tuesday morning at 9.30 over coffee for informal discussion of research as well as administrative and practical matters.

In 2019, Educational Linguistics at Linneaus University are organizing the 3rd Swedish Conference on Translanguaging:


EdLing has regular seminars that address a wide scope of research issues and include invited talks, reading seminars and work-in-progress seminars. For more information please see below.

The EdLing Day

We organise annual symposia on current research issues at Teleborgs slott in Växjö. The EdLing-day takes place in late August/early September. For more information please see below.


* Hult, F. M. (2010). Theme-based research in the transdisciplinary field of educational linguistics. In F. M. Hult (Ed.), Directions and prospects for educational linguistics (pp. 19–32). New York: Springer.

Research networks

Other research networks in Sweden and abroad

• SFL-nätverket
• Nordic Literacy
• SMDI, Svenska med Didaktisk Inriktning
• NNMF, Nordisk nettverk for morsmålsdidaktisk forskning
The Swedish Association for Applied Linguistics (ASLA, Association suédoise de linguistique appliquee)
The ESERA Special Interest Group Languages & Literacies in Science Education