The dark side of politics – research about ethics, corruption and trust in public administration

A common denominator for the questions studied by the group is that they all deal with institutions and behaviour in society that we would rather avoid. For instance, corrupt agreements, conflicts of interest, political scandals and unethical behaviour.

Our research

Why do these things happen, and what can we do to prevent them from happening? The researchers in the group study a number of questions relating to this.

How does democracy work? How is power organised in society? What decides whether an institution in society functions well or badly? What happens when norms from different spheres of society – like, for instance, the public sector and the industry – meet in collaborations between different actors? Are women and men investigated in the same way in connection to political scandals? How can ethics and integrity be strengthened within organisations? How can organisations protect themselves against corruption and malfeasance.

Study objects range geographically from research focusing on a Swedish context, like studies of Swedish political scandals, to comparative studies of the roles of oligarchs in post-Soviet democratisation processes.

The research gets support from funders like, for instance, the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences, the European Commission, and the Swedish government. A number of internationally prominent researchers are tied to the group and these participate actively in joint publications, conferences, courses and programmes, and in applications for research funds.


Researchers at other Universities

Frank Anechiarico, Hamilton College, USA
Andreas Bergh, Lunds University
Torbjörn Bergman, Umeå University
Gissur Erlingsson, Linköping University
Paul Heywood, University of Nottingham, UK
Fernando Jiménez Sánchez, Universidad de Murcia, Spain
Richard Öhrvall, Research Institute of Industrial Economics/Linköping University
Mia Falk, Invesigator at the Police