Europe research – the EU in regional and global politics

During the last few years, the research has focused in particular on the EU as a regional player in foreign policy towards candidate countries and so-called neighbouring countries. The research has analysed the EU’s relations with potential new member states like Turkey and the countries on the Balkans, as well as the EU’s relations with neighbouring countries in Eastern Europe and North Africa.

Our research

Focus has been primarily on the EU's foreign policy regarding democracy aid, security policy and expansion.

This has resulted in research regarding the EU's role in promoting democracy, governing by law, free civil society, security and collaboration, and integration with neighbouring countries. During the last few years, the research has been presented in international journals, but also in books about the EU's and other European/transatlantic organisations' acting in connection to global security crises like the Israel-Palestine conflict and Syria, and the EU's relations with Turkey.

There is a long tradition of Europe research at Linnaeus University. The current research constitutes an important part of the first-cycle education offered within the European studies programme and the political science programme at the department of political science.


John Janzekovic, visiting International Research and Teaching Fellow
Don Wallace, visiting International Research and Teaching Fellow