industry for cleaning the air

Project: Algoland - Industry and ecology working together

Algoland is a multi-stage project that combines marine ecology research with industry to find innovative, sustainable solutions for reducing emissions of CO2, nitrogen, and phosphorus, while at the same time yielding products such as animal fodder and biofuels.

Cleaning the air

Location: Cementa AB, Degerhamn, Öland

Cement production releases flue gas and with it vast amounts of COto the atmosphere. Microalgae can use this flue gas as a CO2 source, and the algal biomass can be used as a resource for bioenergy or high value products. In this project, we examine the potential of using microalge to capture CO2 from flue gas from the cementplant...

We also evaluate the sustainability of the process.

Contact person: Martin Olofsson

Cleaning the Water:

Location: Moskogen, Kalmar

At Moskogen, a landfill in Kalmar, Sweden, nutrient-rich leachate water runs into a reservoir. We examine the potential of micro algae to clean nitrogen from the water. Algal production is supported by the COproduced by the KalmarEnergi power plant, also located in Moskogen.

Phosphorus is a biproduct of the renewable energy production (wood chips) and is used in the production of algal biomass, which can ultimately be turned into valuable bioproducts.

Contact person: Elin Lindehoff


Linnéuniversitetet, Stiftelsen ÅForsk, Regionförbundet i Kalmar län, Cementa, SMA Mineral, KK-stiftelsen, KSRR, Kalmar Energi, Havsmiljöinstitutet, Kalmar kommun, EU Structural funds, Stiftelsen Lantbruk Forskning, Kamprad Stiftelsen


2011 - 2019

See Algoland in this film about Sustainable Kalmar!





Since its inauguration, ALGOLAND and the people who run it have been recognized for achievements in sustainable development within the region.


Äspö Environmental Research Award

"Awarded to Elin Lindehoff for her work in spreading awareness about the condition of the Baltic Sea".


Clean Air Committee of Kalmar

"The Algoland Project Team is awarded for excellence in researching the potential for microalgae to clean flue gas at the Cementa plant on Öland. The project also focuses on recycling nutrients from sewage leachate water, and producing bioenergy for the southern Baltic Sea Region.

Through the team's great engagement, the project has established an interest among the business sector, promising future development within the field."