Center for Collaborative Palliative Care

We work with education, clinical development, and research and popular education within palliative care. Our focus is to design a sustainable palliative care that is co-created by patients, next of kin, staff, and researchers.

Center for Collaborative Palliative Care was established in January 2013 and is funded by The Kamprad Family Foundation, Linnaeus University, Region Kronoberg, and the eight municipalities in Kronoberg County.


Palliative care aims to improve the quality of life during the period a person has left to live, regardless of age and diagnosis, without shortening or extending life.


Our vision is that all patients with life-threatening illnesses and their next of kin should experience a good palliative care. Patients and next of kin should feel that they get support and that next of kin get support after death takes place.


The objective is that all members of staff should be well-trained in order to be able to work with patients and their next of kin to create a well-functioning palliative care. The care is to be developed so that these parties, together with researchers, apply so-called evidence-based care in a continuous, integrative learning. In this way, the patients’ and next of kin’s influence and participation in the care is strengthened, which increases the quality of the care.

Areas of activity