IWAMA Interactive water management

Project: Interactive Water Management (IWAMA)

The municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) have an important role in water protection. Efficient and environmentally smart operation of WWTPs can most positively influence the state of the sea and climate. WWTPs, while purifying domestic and industrial wastewaters, remove nutrients (phosphorous P and nitrogen N) from the water. When leaking back to the water bodies, nutrients cause eutrophication, which is one of the biggest problems of the Baltic Sea. The HELCOM recommendations for concentrations for outflowing nutrients are stricter than the requirements of the EU Urban WWT Directive. Therefore, currently in the Baltic Sea

Region (BSR) different WWTPs are applying different requirements. To be able to reach the HELCOM recommendations, most of the WWTPs still need to improve their nutrient removal. Complying with the HELCOM recommendations means also additional operational costs for the WWTPs. However, it is possible, at the same time as applying the HELCOM recommendations, to save costs by smart process optimization and investments. This opens doors for new business opportunities and innovative, cost and energy efficient technology development. The IWAMA project within the frame of Interreg Europe with financial support from the European Regional Development Fund – ERDF aims to improve the resource efficiency in wastewater management in the BSR by capacity development of the wastewater treatment (WWT) operators and implementation of the pilot investments, which will result in reduced nutrient inflows to the Baltic Sea. The actions will focus on three main areas of the municipal WWT sector: capacity development (CD), energy management (EM) and sludge management (SM). ESEG will have the following responsibilities within the project: development of smart energy and sludge concepts together with academic institutions such as Tartu University and Technical University of Berlin, involvement of students in energy and sludge audits, testing of Triple Helix interaction involving private sector, organizing the capacity building workshop at Kalmar WWTP and the national dissemination event for the knowledge based communities in Sweden.


Final Event

Dissemination Swedish Seminar of running EU-projects by the ESEG with focus on IWAMA, 10 April 2019, Kalmar: 

Agenda_10 April.pdf
Summary 10_April.pdf 
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Photo Gallery - National dissemination event in Kalmar, 10 April 2019:

Participants at Swedish seminar, Kalmar, 10 April 2019
Participants at Swedish seminar, Kalmar, 10 April 2019
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Previous Events

5th International Capacity Development Workshop: Nutrient reduction and recovery, 13-15 June 2018

More information via the following link:

IWAMA Kalmar WS agenda 11.6.pdf

IWAMA Workshop

IWAMA workshop
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