Regional press project - REGPRESS

A research project which investigates what the regional press means in a global media culture.


The purpose of this project is to understand the role of regional media in southeast Sweden. The regional press has a strong presence and has been part of the regional life since 1841.

The print media has long had a significant influence in society as a fourth estate. The daily press has long been engaged in critical analysis of social phenomena and authority and acted to help increase community involvement. Even on the basis of this strong position the regional press face a number of challenges such as increased convergence and maintain storage numbers, selling advertising space and maintain their distribution areas.

The project will address the emerging issue of the role and value of regional media has in our modern media society. How do you connect the media to the local population? How does journalism ensure and promote diversity in the media presentation and prevents discontinuity in the global media age?
REGPRESS is funded through a partnership between the Barometern Foundation, Linnaeus University and Fojo Media Institute (FOJO).

The project started in 2015 and scheduled to be completed in 2017.


Newcastle 15/5 - Second day

Today was our first day at Newcastle University. It was a fruitful day of working on our project.

Tomorrow we'll meet PhD students and talk about how it is to work with research as a team.

We were also introduced to (in some of our perspectives) the best tea ever! The hazelnut brittle was fantastic.

Make sure to check our Twitter account to get all of the newest updates: @Regpressproject

All the best,
The Regpress team.

Arriving at Newcastle University.
Arriving at Newcastle University.

Newcastle 14/5 - First day

Our first impressions of Newcastle has been fantastic!

We were all a bit tired from all of the travelling yesterday. We decided upon some sightseeing and went exploring.

Big thanks to our tremendous guides, Bridgette (PI of the project) and Michael, they really showed us the wonders of Newcastle.

The highlight of the day was fish and chips down at the coast. The view was just ... breathtaking!

Tomorrow, the work begins and more updates will follow during the course of the week. Make sure to check our Twitter account to get all of the newest updates: @Regpressproject

Best of wishes,
The Regpress team.

First day in Newcastle, almost the whole team.
The Regpress team exploring Newcastle on our first day here.


Trip to Newcastle with workshop, 13-19 May, 2017

At the end of next week, Regpress will travel to Newcastle for a full week of interesting meetings and discussions. During our stay an international workshop will take place, on the 18th of May; with researchers and practitioners from Sweden, the Netherlands and England. 

A Local World, 16-17 November 2016

A Local World is the event devoted to newspapers outside the major cities. During the day there will be time for lectures, hackaton, mingling and conversation. The organizers are most significantly involved in the development of the daily press and they are: Linnaeus University, Gota Media AB, Infomaker Scandinavia AB, FOJO and Kalmar municipality.


The REGPRESS project is embarking on a new chapter of our research. Out material is collected and ready to be processed.

We have conducted 65 in depth- inteviews with readers from our selection area, 8 focus groups with more specific issues, 9 interviews with journalists and editors, as well as close to 9500 respondents to our survey. Now we are ready to take the next step with our research and begin to process the material.

If you are curious and want to know more, updates will be published ongoing here on our website. You can also follow us on Twitter to not miss our latest updates: @REGPRESSprojec


REGPRESS progress