elderly couple taking a walk

Project: Sedentary behavior in older persons and supportive methods for breaking sedentary for sustainable aging

This project aims to map older people's (65+) activity behaviour to identify unhealthy activity patterns, investigate attitudes about the elderly's sedentary and explore the possibility of breaking sedentary behaviour through intervention to maintain independence and contribute to sustainable aging.

Facts about the project

Project manager
Cecilia Fagerström
Other project members
Mirjam Ekstedt, Linnaeus University, Sofia Backåberg, Linnaeus University, Hanna Tuvesson, Linnaeus University, Patrick Bergman, Linnaeus University, Annette Brantmark, Blekinge Kompetenscentrum, Region Blekinge Doktorander
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University, Region Blekinge The municipalities in Blekinge
Linnaeus University, FoU avtal Blekinge
march 2019-dec 2022
Caring science, sports science, health science, service design and psychology (Department of Health and Caring Science, Department of Psychology, Department of Sport Science, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences)