Project: StaViCTA

Stancetaking is an important factor for social interaction in human communication. This interdisciplinary project will identify how we express stance on the Internet – to create a deeper theoretical understanding of those phenomena, and to develop practical methods to analyze the expression of stance in real language data.

Project information

Project manager
Andreas Kerren
Project members
Andreas Kerren (Lnu), Carita Paradis (Lund University) and Magnus Sahlgren (Gavagai AB)
Other researchers/Doctoral students
Maria Skeppstedt, Vasiliki Simaki, Kostiantyn Kucher
Swedish Science Council (Vetenskapsrådet)
Computer Science (Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Technology)

More about the project

The full name of this interdisciplinary project is "Advances in the description and explanation of stance in discourse using visual and computational text analytics", abbreviated StaViCTA.

The project will identify how people express stance and positions – that is, attitudes, feelings, perspectives, certainty, doubt and trust – in digitized web based media, news and web sites, micro-blogs like Twitter, social media like Facebook, and electronic forums.

Stancetaking is an important factor in the communicative dynamics. It conveys not only factual information, but also plays a crucial role in social interaction. There is a need for both a deeper theoretical understanding of the stance as a phenomenon and practical methods for analyzing the expression of stance in real language data.

The analytical methods that are available are simplistic and essentially developed for small and static data. Our goal is to develop innovative computational analysis and visualization methods for investigations of stance in very large and dynamic text data. The methods developed in this project bring together theory, data analysis and information visualization in a unique way, and therefore provide a novel and deeper understanding of the expression of stance in texts.

The project is carried out within the Information and Software Visualization research group.