What works and why? The significance of how interventions and cooperation among organizations affect victims health and well-being

The overall purpose of this research project is to explore the treatment delivered by specialised units in social services to victims of domestic abuse and to identify the possible core elements in the treatment. In the four proposed sub-studies, we also aim to identify how the need for support is described by victims of domestic violence and their experiences in receiving treatment.

Project information

Project manager: Lotta Agevall Gross
Other project members: Verner Denvall, Linnaeus University, Cecilia Kjellgren, Linnaeus University, Johanna Thulin, Linnaeus University, Mikael Skillmark, Jönköping University
Financier: FORTE, Swedish research council for health, working life and welfare.
Timetable: 2019-2021
Subject: Social work, Department of Social Work

More about the project

The proposed study contributes increased knowledge of the treatment given at municipal special units and to what extent this provides effective support to the victims of violence. The stories provided by the women contribute to an in-depth understanding of those who have received support from the municipal government or NGOs.