Group of Forest Products (GoFP)

The goal of the Group of Forest Products is to provide new knowledge and solutions that will lead to a more sustainable utilisation of raw materials from forests. We do research on functional and environmentally friendly-engineered materials and products for furniture and construction.

The vision of the Group of Forest Products (GoFP) research group is to create a platform for interaction among researchers, forestry, forest industries and recycling, along the entire value chain. Research in this field is not only important for the bio-economy but also quite complex. By having a deep cross-sectorial understanding, we use interdisciplinary approaches and employ diverse methods at micro and macro levels to characterise forest-derived and other biomaterials in relation to the indented industrial use.

Our research areas are:

  • Material properties and quality for industrial applications: to address the variability and suitability of virgin and recycled materials for different end-uses.
  • Non-destructive characterisation and imaging of wood products: to solve practical utilisation issues of materials ranging from trees to wood-based composites.
  • Wood protection/improvement and innovative wood and fibre products: to ensure prolonged service life and high added-value products for furniture and construction.

The research within Group of Forest Products is part of the Forestry and Wood field of research.

Research projects


Laboratory resources

We have well-equipped laboratories and specialised modern instruments in the area of wood material science and technology, e g an anatomical lab with modern microscopy, a physical and mechanical lab including non-destructive testing, a chemical lab with wet and analytical chemistry, an emission, weathering and durability lab, and a composite panel manufacturing lab. The infrastructure is used to support research and education of our students, and to provide services for the forest and wood industry in Southern Sweden.

Group members

Previous team members

  • Dr  Anuj Kumar, post doctoral fellow