eHealth Arena

Project: eHealth Arena

eHealth Arena is a combined eHealth arena for industry, health and social care, academia and the public. The Arena is a long-term investment initiated by Kalmar County Council, which in the first three years is run as a project with Kalmar Science Park as project owner and Linnaeus University as cooperation partner. You can read more about current work within the project at Linnaeus University here.

Within Linnaeus University the project is based in the eHealth Institute, although the project group includes a multidisciplinary group from several faculties. The work mainly consists of obtaining an inventory of the needs of different target groups, providing education and participating in case studies where the aim is for any changes to result in a movement away from hospital and into the home, and/or prevention, that is to say, to prevent the need for doctor’s appointments, and/or exchange of data between units, principal agents, functions etc.