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Project: Lived experience of children and youth 4-17 yrs with gender-creative identities/expressions and their parents/legal guardians in Sweden

This phenomenological interview study explores the lived experience of children and youth whose gender identity or gender expression differs from their sex assigned at birth and their parents experiences related to their children’s gender identity/expression.

Facts about the project

Project manager
Anna Bratt, Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor, Certified Psychologist, Certified Psychotherapist, Specialist in Clinical Psychology
Other project members
Kristiina Tyni, doctoral student, licensed psychologist, licensed psychotherapist, specialist in clinical psychology, Idor Svensson, PhD, professor, licensed psychologist, Linnaeus University and Matilda Wurm, PhD, associate professor, licensed psychologist, Örebro University
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University
Linnaeus University
2019-04-01 – 2024-03-31
Clinical psychology (Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences)