Software Technology Labs

The research group Software Technology Labs, ST Labs, is active in three core areas within Software Engineering: Program Analysis, Software and Information Quality, and Parallel Computing.

Our research

The Software Technology Labs research group relies on strong industry collaboration. The areas Software and Information Quality, and Parallel Computing are both represented by interest groups in the Information Engineering Center network.

Program Analysis

In this area, ST Labs assesses software engineering artifacts like processes, specifications and code. This may be estimating the effort of developing and maintaining software, getting new users to understand structure and behaviour of software, finding dependencies and changing impact of sub-systems, assessing the software quality, finding the relevant components for re-engineering, etc.

Software and Information Quality

In Information Quality the user viewpoint is important. The term can be considered as a measure of the value the information provides for the user. Quality is often perceived as subjective and the quality of information can then vary, among users and among uses of the information. Only recently it has been suggested to apply measurement and testing techniques to assure information quality. Together with one of our industry partners, Sigma Kudos, ST Labs has pioneered this development.

Parallel Computing

Parallel Computing refers to executing a program on more than one processor or core. We are interested in high performance computing, distributed computing and stream processing, as used in e.g. scientific and technical data mining.




Jens Kirchner, Doctoral Student