Studies in Curriculum, Teaching and Evaluation (SITE)

The Linnaeus-SITE research group incorporates longstanding and inter-related strands of inquiry within the field Pedagogy and Educational Science.

Our research

The theoretical base of the programme is rooted in social theory, oriented towards meaning and communication, including both its foundational epistemic assumptions and empirical implications. What counts as knowledge in school? How is knowledge, values, literacy competencies etc. communicated and how are they related to meaning-making practices? What assumption about the school's democratic mission constitutes the basis for the curriculum and how does it shape the conception of the democratic citizen?

Research includes study of educational reforms in international contexts, for example curriculum discourse formation, the processes by which curriculum is developed, and how it is transformed in pedagogical practices within national education systems and traditions. In the forefront of the research interest are the questions of the school's democratic functioning in society and knowledge in pedagogical and curriculum making practices, i.e. how curriculum is linked to teaching and learning.

The LINNAEUS-SITE research group promotes and coordinates research and knowledge exchange activities in in curriculum research and the enactment of curriculum in educational institutions for individuals across the life course: pre-school settings, schools, colleges and universities and lifelong learning. The members of the research group are involved in activities ranging from research exchange and development of theories and concepts in the international research community to involvement in professional development activities and work with professional practitioners at various levels of the educational system.  Linnaeus-SITE promotes a critical engagement with practices in the related fields of curriculum and pedagogy as well as deliberation with educational policymakers and the educational public in general. 



Wahlström is associate editor of the leading research journal in curriculum studies, Journal of Curriculum Studies, with Professor Stefan Hopmann, University of Vienna, as editor.

A long-term collaboration has been developed between the SITE research group and its counterpart at the University of Stirling and the Curriculum and Pedagogy Research Programme led by Professor Mark Priestley.

SITE has an ongoing collaboration with Professor Gita Steiner-Khamsi, Comparative Policy Studies in Education, and Professor David Hansen, The Program of Philosophy and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University.

SITE is involved in networks of experts in comparisons of curriculum reforms, elaborated on in the ERECKS network (e.g., two doctoral projects together with Professors Jürgen Schriewer and Florian Waldow, the Comparative Education Center, Humboldt University, Berlin).

The SITE research group cooperates with Oslo University (Associate Professor Kirsten Sivesind and Professor Berit Karseth), STEP research group at Uppsala University (Professor Eva Forsberg) and Åbo akademi (professor Michael Uljens).

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