The Bridge – strategic cooperation with IKEA

The Bridge is a multidisciplinary research and education collaboration between Linnaeus University and IKEA. The programme concerns Life at Home and the various aspects of the production process. The goal is to create a better everyday life at home for the many people.

The Bridge is a programme for entrepreneurship, innovation, and production. The aim is to create an international meeting-place for research and education related to the subject of Life at Home.


There are numerous issues connected to the concept Life at home. What does our home mean to us? What do our homes look like? How can we produce good furniture that most people can afford? What materials should we use?

Three different fields of subject at Linnaeus University are involved in The Bridge: business administration, engineering, and design. The project will bring with it a new, flexible way of working with collaboration between different disciplines at the university.

Business for a Better Life@Home

With in the group Business for a Better Life@Home we study how daily life changes and in what way this can be linked to innovation on the market, how innovation processes and production processes are changed as a consequence, and what consequences this have for society and business methods.

More and more innovation takes place on the market where we can actually participate. It is connected to our daily life, which we as consumers participate in as users and as ordinary citizens.

How we view product development has changed. What used to be a chair is now a combination of different parts, as a result of various processes – there has also been a change to the business part. Within business administration we look at, for instance, business models. That is to say, in what ways one can organise the entire production system, and how to get consumers and customers involved in these processes.

Design for a Better Life@Home

We need lots of new, innovative solutions in order to deal with the challenges we face. The Bridge brings the academic world, the entrepreneur and the factory floor together. A bridge to understanding and development, that results in learning and the development of new products.

Design helps to create added value and meaning, Good design involves showing respect for the function, production, environment, and aesthetic appearance. Improved function through a well thought-through design, knowledge about the conditions of production and the possibilities of the material.

Technology for a Better Life@Home

IKEA uses great quantities of forest raw material in its furniture production. In our research we try to find innovative solutions, based efficient utilisation of the natural resource forest. This in order to develop sustainable wood products that people can afford.



A programme with an interdisciplinary perspective, combining engineering, business administration, and design. By working together with other students and learning form their competence you increase your ability to run various innovation projects. The programme is given with three different specialisations:

Library Resources

Welcome to a knowledge base containing materials that are relevant to the subject of Life at Home. The contents of this knowledge base are the result of a literary survey conducted by library staff at the University Library in collaboration with the programme's researchers. The information on these pages will follow developments in the research subject, and the aim of the knowledge base is to provide exciting entries into the research of Life at Home.

Cooperative Council

The Council has the following members


Tony Sandelius, IKEA of Sweden AB
Per Berggren, IKEA Industry AB
Jörgen Svensson, IKEA of Sweden AB

Linnaeus University

Peter Aronsson, vice-chancellor and Chairman of the Council
Bengt Nilsson, PhD Engineering
Helén Andersson, Professor and Dean for the School of Business and Economics


Ylva Dandanell, Programme Director