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Andreas Svensson

Associate Professor
Department of Biology and Environmental Science Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
42028, Hus Vita, Kalmar
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I am a lecturer in Evolutionary Ecology and course coordinator for Evolutionary Biology and Genetics (1Bi004), Behavioural Ecology (1Bi003)and Ethology (2Bi004).

I am interested in behavioural strategies in animals, with fishes as model organisms. My research projects concern, for example:
-Why do certain animal form schools/flocks?
-How do parasites affect the beahviour of their hosts?
-How can animals trust each other when communicating?
-Which roles do carotenoids and other pigments have in animal color signals?
-How does sexual selection drive the evolution of animal coloration?
-What determines animal strategies for aggression?
-Which strategies do animals use when choosing sexual partners?
-Which conflicts arise when the male, the female or both care for the offspring?

More information is abailable through the Publication list below (Diva) and my personal research webpage:


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