Annelie Johansson

Annelie Johansson

Senior lecturer
Department of Swedish Faculty of Arts and Humanities
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I hold a Ph.D. in the Swedish language with a didactic specialisation, and I am a qualified teacher in the subjects of Swedish and history.


I primarily teach courses on academic writing, rhetoric, text analysis and literacy, as well as grading and assessment, both as independent courses and as courses within programs on-campus and online. I also supervise and assess independent projects within teacher education and I am responsible for degree projects in Swedish within the primary teacher training program.


My research interests include assessment discourses, literacy, source management, and academic writing processes.

In 2018, I defended my doctoral thesis on the language of assessment in teachers' written reviews in primary school. The approach is discursive, and I analyse speech acts, assessment focuses, and linguistic construction using methods drawn from systemic-functional linguistics. The dissertation was part of the "Texts with Authority" project, which examines the authoritative writing of students and professionals in three professions and fields of study (teachers, police officers, and social workers).

Since 2020, I have worked on various projects with Christian Waldmann and Sergej Ivanov, investigating authentic academic writing and students' source management through keystroke logging. One project was awarded research funding from the Linnaeus Knowledge Environment: Education in Change and examines digital source management in the production of a thesis.

In 2022, I am conducting a project on discourses in preschool class assessment materials. This project received research funding from Literacy and Teaching and is part of the Board of Teacher Education's strategic initiative on the role, approach, and core content of preschool classes for teacher education in 2021-2022. From 2022, I am also a member of the project group for Växjö's models and arenas for a research-based school.

From 2022 to 2027, I am also a researcher in the research project "Disciplinary Literacy - DiLit," led by Ewa Bergh Nestlog. The aim is to develop knowledge about subject-specific language and disciplinary literacy in core subjects such as English, mathematics, and Swedish in teacher education for grades 4–6. The project seeks to identify, critically examine, and problematise how teaching related to subject-specific language and disciplinary literacy can be strengthened. Within the project, I am particularly interested in the similarities and differences in teacher educators' assessment of student texts in different subjects, as well as how disciplinary literacy and teaching about disciplinary literacy are characterised in national and institutional policy documents.

I also participate in the following research environments at Linnaeus University: the Centre for Educational Linguistics (EdLing) and the Centre for Subject Didactic Research in Arts and Humanities at Linnaeus University (CÄHL).


I am one of the directors of the research group Literacy and Teaching (LoU) and, in that capacity, I am also a member of the management team for the Linnaeus Knowledge Environment: Education in Change. I also hold the position of director of studies for the primary teacher education team in the Swedish language at the Department of Swedish Language and serve as FKH's (Faculty of Arts and Humanities) teacher representative in the program council for primary teacher education.


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