Aris Alissandrakis

Aris Alissandrakis

Senior lecturer
Department of Computer Science and Media Technology Faculty of Technology
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Senior Lecturer at the department of Computer Science and Media Technology (CM).

Personal academic webpage can be found here, full list of publications here.


Course coordinator (past/current) for

  • "Scientific Theories and Methods" [4ME301] (2016-2022)
  • "Cross Media Design and Production" [4ME306] (2012-2023)
  • "Mobile Games and Entertainment" [4ME308] (2012-2023)
  • "Adaptive and Semantic Web" [4ME310] (2012-2015)
  • "Advanced Topics in Media Technology" [4ME312] (2019-2023)
  • "Degree Project (master thesis)" [5ME11E] (2015-2017)
  • "Scientific Methods in Computer Science" [4DV502] (2019-now)
  • "Degree Project (magister thesis)" [4DV50E] (2019)
  • "Current Topics within Computer Science" [2DV505] (2021-now)
  • "Selected Topics in Computer Science" [4DV504] (2021-now)
  • "Immersive Technologies in Educational Contexts" [2UT420] (2024-now)

Was previously (2014-2017) programme coordinator for "Social Media and Web Technologies" (NAMT2) international master programme.


Active research interests include: Human-Computer Interaction, Virtual/Augmented Reality (see VRxAR Labs research group), Quantified Self, Big Data, Imitation & Social Learning in Adaptive Systems, Human-Robot Interaction, and Artificial Life.


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