Basim Al-Najjar

Basim Al-Najjar

Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Technology
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I am a Professor of Terotechnology, founder/CEO of E-maintenance Sweden AB and Head of the Centre: Cost-effective Industrial Asset Management (CeIAM).

My Ph.D. was obtained in Production Management, Lund University, Sweden. Terotechnology is a combination of engineering, management, financial and other practices applied to physical assets in pursuit of economic life cycle costs. My specialties covers also Maintenance Technology and System Engineering.

I have several years´ industrial experiences from Sweden and international. 

In 2003 and 2008 I was the Eminent Speaker to the Maintenance Engineering Society of Australia. In 2000 he received award for Excellence of Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering, the Most Outstanding Award from Literati Club, MCB University Press. Further, I received Tore Danielsson's Fond Award, 2002, which was motivated by outstanding research results and their usefulness for the Swedish industry and establishing a research team in Terotechnology.

In 2009, I received scholarship to complete the development of eMDSS (eMaintenance Decision Support System). 2010 I received the award of Venture Cup South for; Best business idea. Also, another prize that I was awarded in 2011 for Inventor of the Year and in 2016 I was awarded the prize: Entrepreneur of 2016.

I am a member of the Scientific board/Swedish Maintenance Society, European Research Network on Strategic Engineering Asset Management, ISEAM (International Society of Engineering Asset management), IFRIM (International Foundation on research in Maintenance) and the Cluster of the project covered by H2020-FoF09.  I am on the Editorial board of international journals and conferences as well as a reviewer for many additional international journals and conferences.


I have about 35 years of experience of teaching in production logistics, quality management, quality control, frontiers in quality, engineering management, integrated production, reducing losses in production time, maintenance technology, operation research & optimization, reliability analysis, condition monitoring technologies, diagnostic engineering, industrial measurement and analysis, failure analysis and problem shooting, report writing and research methodology, etc. in industrial training courses, BSc, MSc and PhD programs.

I have developed many courses and education programs for different levels; industrial training, BSc, MSc and PhD.

I have supervised and examined tens of BSc, MSC and PhD students and theses, and examined several PhD-theses from Australia, Norway, Sweden, France, England, etc.


I have written more than 150 publications in international journals and conferences, books, chapters in books and reports in different topics; maintenance and its impact on production, quality, performance effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, data gathering and databases, and also in algorithms with AI, decision support systems, etc.

The concept Total Quality Maintenance (TQMain) was developed by me and have been applied in many case studies. Recently, TQMain is applied successfully in couple of companies in China and scientific papers published describing applications results. The same concept is taught to the maintenance personnel of Siemens and Alstom Power as industrial training courses.

Based on my research I have developed three new measuring instruments and recently an additional new DSS called Smart e-Maintenance Decision Support System (Smart eMDSS). Smart eMDSS tested successfully in the car manufacturer FIAT (Italy) and CNC-machine manufacturer, GORATU (Spain). Smart eMDSS is commercialized and marked by E-maintenance Sweden AB and several Swedish companies implementing it now. Smart eMDSS is a result of my participation in EU-IP DYNAMITE, 2005-2009.

I conducted successfully many projects nationally and internationally, for example:

  1. Failure causes and alarms levels when using vibration monitoring in producing machines.
  2. Integration of the data gathered from maintenance, production, quality and accountancy.
  3. EUREKA- project "Euromaintenance Guidelines" (EU-project).
  4. Maintaining Quality.
  5. Economic Importance of Maintenance Planning.
  6. Integrated Product and Process Development and Improvement.
  7. Controlling product quality and company's profitability through controlling the condition of machines and processes.
  8. A practical model to select and improve the most cost-effective maintenance technique.
  9. DYNAMITE (Dynamic Decisions in Maintenance), EU-6th FP.
  10. Life cycle description and development of an approach to identify and assess potential risks in thermal conversion of lignocellulose.
  11. Digitization, integration and automation of the whole condition-based maintenance (CBM).
Basim Al-Najjar, professor of terotechnology and project leader, presents the PreCoM project



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