Björn Lindenberg

Björn Lindenberg

Senior lecturer
Department of Mathematics Faculty of Technology
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I have been involved in the following courses

  • Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Thinking
  • Mathematical Modelling 2 (machine learning, reinforcement learning)
  • Multivariable Calculus and Vector Calculus
  • Cryptography and Coding Theory
  • Technical Information and Communication
  • Database Theory (logic and set theory)
  • Applied Machine Learning


My research interests are computational algebra, dynamical systems and artificial intelligence. In particular, reinforcement learning which involves maximization of future rewards for an agent acting in an environment. In this regard, I study dynamical systems induced by approximate operators. Iterated convergence here can generate super-human strategies with the core idea of tabula rasa. That is, we ask the machine to find an optimal solution without human interference. 


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