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Björn Zethraeus

Department of Built Environment and Energy Technology Faculty of Technology
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Though I happen to be a professor in Bioenergy technology, this does not mean that I believe that biofuel-based energy is the solution to everything. I try to be very open minded. However: Right now biological substances working photosynthesis is one very efficient way of storing solar energy from one season to another and they are a reasonably good packaging for collecting and transporting that stored solar energy. So biofuels is an easy way to take one step towards a solar-based energy system and it's also one step towards a carbon-dioxide neutral energy system. We may also expect that there are areas in the world where this will remain the most efficient way of using solar energy. So bioenergy will have a place in any future energy system - though it might not be the dominating process. So my main interest is in system solutions and technology transfer including the re-introduction of biofuels into high-temperature process applications such as steel and glass melting etc. Hence, I am no longer very active in fundamental research but concentrate on applications, on demonstration and development projects and on education, on distance learning and on popularizing the fundamental and specific properties with bioenergy systems.


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