Carolina Gonzalez

Carolina Gonzalez

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I am Bioinformatics Engineer from Universidad de Talca-Chile (2010) and PhD in Biotechnology from the Universidad Andrés Bello-Chile (2017). I am currently a Postdoctoral Scientist at Linnaeus University.


Bioinformatics and computational biology
Comparative, functional and evolutionary genomics of extremophiles
Extremophiles, acidophiles
Evolution and origin of Life
Metagenomics, phylogenomics, astrobiology


My research involves polyextremophilic microorganisms through bioinformatic and (meta)genomic approaches, focusing in acidophiles and deep biosphere microbiomes, in order to provide fundamental knowledge about them and to propose metabolic and evolutionary models.

My skills are mainly genomics including comparative genomics, metagenomics, phylogenomic and development of bioinformatic techniques and pipelines, which allow to interpretate and model building of the resulting data.


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