Christian Engström

Christian Engström

Department of Mathematics Faculty of Technology
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I teach courses in analysis, algebra, and computational science.


Partial differential equations (PDEs) are important tools for modeling processes in science and technology. In my research, I develop mathematical and numerical analysis that results in robust and very fast numerical methods, which can be used to build digital twins of our world. New, very fast numerical methods are a cornerstone in the development of efficient machine learning algorithms for PDE, optimization with PDE constraints, and uncertainty quantification.

Resonances in mechanical structures such as houses and bridges can cause strong vibrations that have devastating consequences, but resonances are in other cases desirable, for example, to generate a certain tone in a musical instrument. In mathematics, spectral theory is used to study resonances.

In my research, I study mathematics that describes resonances in closed and open systems. I develop numerical methods for these problems and study applications in nano-optics, acoustics, thermal conduction, and mechanics. I also develop new numerical methods for time-dependent and non-linear problems.

During 2022-2027 I am project manager the VR-funded project

Pollution-free approximation techniques for fractional integro-differential equations


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