My research and teaching is focused on the music industrial economy and organisation as well as business economics within the music industry, with a strong focus on streaming and digital distribution. Another area of interest is business informatics and information models, specifically how statistical analysis can be used by firms in the music industry. At Linnaeus University I teach courses on the Music & Event Management and Music Production programs. I also teach at other music industry focused educations in Sweden, as well as holds workshops and courses for artists, labels and music publishers.

I have a tech background, as a research engineer in computer science at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and BTH, as well as working at tech companies in the music industry. I also play the guitar like a wiz and occasionally writes a song or two.

I also do analyses and write articles for the music industry news agency www.musikindustrin.se, and do consultancy work for different actors in the music industry.

Below you can find some samples of papers, book chapters, reports etc.

E-mail: daniel.johansson@lnu.se
Tel: +46 70 244 77 93