Daniel Ocic Ihrmark

Daniel Ocic Ihrmark

Doctoral student
Department of Languages Faculty of Arts and Humanities
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My Ph.D. project is about computer-driven tools used for language research and how they could be applied within English subject teaching in Swedish upper-secondary schools. The focus is on the use of corpus-linguistic methods in combination with didactics, and how the data produced by these methods could be used for formative assessment and lesson planning.

I am also active within the Digital Humanities where I do research aimed towards the literature subject. I look at linguistic trends, stylometrics, and representation in text. My work within this field mainly deals with the American 1920s and the Jazz age, for instance F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. I am also interested in the literature of H. P. Lovecraft and how his language use has carried over to modern iterations in board games, video games, and film.

Finally, I am involved in research about language use on social media, mainly Twitter. My interest here is in how users of social media make use of their different language resources to create identities and express cultural and sub-cultural belonging.


Student representative in the Supervisory collegium for Doctoral Students in Linguistics.

Assistant Strategist for Digital Humanities.