Daniel Sundberg

Daniel Sundberg

Department of Education and Teachers' Practice Faculty of Social Sciences
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Daniel Sundberg, Ph.D., is a Swedish professor of education at Linnaeus University. His expertise lies in curriculum theory and didaktik—the art and science of teaching. As an impassioned educational researcher, teacher, and research leader, he heads the scientific environment known as LINNAEUS-SITE (Studies in Teaching, Curriculum, and Evaluation).

Sundbergs scholarly pursuits transcend geographical boundaries and historical epochs:

  • Historical Exploration: delving into educational reforms, unraveling their impact across international and national contexts.
  • Comparative Inquiry: juxtapositioning educational systems, discerning patterns and divergences.
  • Empirical Investigations: theorizing on school and classroom realities, where theory intersects with practice.

Through extensive research, international and national expert commissions, teaching, and collaborative efforts, several pivotal areas are addressed:

  • Governance: navigating the intricate pathways of educational leadership, shaping institutions for sustainable futures.
  • Curriculum: scrutinizing the compass guiding knowledge and learning objectives, ensuring alignment with societal needs.
  • Teaching practices: exploring pedagogical thinking, fostering in-depth knowledge and engaging learning experiences.

As the chief editor of Pedagogisk Forskning i Sverige (Pedagogical Research in Sweden), Sundberg contributes to vital discussions on research and educational development with a scholarly pen weaving narratives of transformation, echoing across classrooms, corridors, and policy chambers.



  • Curriculum Theory and Didaktik in Teacher Programs
  • Governance, Leadership, and School Development in the Principal Program
  • Pedagogik as science at Advanced-Level Science
  • Pedagogy as Science, Curriculum Theory, and Research reviews at the Doctoral Level


Main research areas: Education policy, education reforms, Curriculum studies, Didaktik, Teaching, Education reforms, Education as a science, Research Reviews

  • Curriculum and Teaching practices:

    • Research focuses on the Swedish curriculum development for preschool, primary school, secondary school, and adult education.
    • Key questions include: How does the Swedish curriculum development compare internationally? To what extent does the Swedish education system align with global policy trends, and how do national and cultural pedagogical traditions influence educational development?
  • School Reforms and Educational Development:

    • Research examines school reforms from a historical and international comparative perspective.
    • Key inquiries include: How are school reforms implemented and how do they impact internal school processes? How can robust knowledge about change processes and outcomes be developed? How do school reforms affect internal operations and teaching conditions?
  • Pedagogical Theory and Research:

    • Research explores pedagogy as a science, tracing the historical emergence and development of pedagogical, curriculum theory, and didaktik as knowledge domains.
    • Methodologically, it involves conducting research overviews and building bridges between research and educational development.



Daniel Sundberg has served as an expert consultant for several esteemed institutions, including:

  1. Universitetskanslersämbetet (Swedish Higher Education Authority): Contributing expertise in higher education matters.
  2. Skolverket (Swedish National Agency for Education): Providing insights into educational policies and practices.
  3. Skolinspektionen (Swedish Schools Inspectorate): Evaluating school quality and compliance.
  4. Vetenskapsrådet (Swedish Research Council): Informing research funding decisions.
  5. NordForsk: Collaborating on Nordic research initiatives.
  6. Utbildningsdepartementet (Swedish Ministry of Education): Advising on educational policies.
  7. Riksrevisionen (Swedish National Audit Office): Ensuring accountability and transparency.
  8. Europa kommissionens FP7 - Science in Society: Contributing to European research endeavors.
  9. CERI/OECD (Centre for Educational Research and Innovation): Informing international educational policies.
  10. SKR (Sveriges Kommuner och Regioner): Engaging with national, local government and regional authorities in Sweden.
  11. Kunnskapsdepartementet (Norwegian Ministry of Education): Providing expertise across borders.
  12. Expert in the Norwegian School Commission “Fremtidens skole”: Shaping the future of Norwegian education.

Sundberg's multifaceted role spans national and international contexts, bridging research, policy, and practice.


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