Delia Ní Chíobhaín Enqvist

Delia Ní Chíobhaín Enqvist

Doctoral Student
Department of Cultural Sciences Faculty of Arts and Humanities
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I am an archaeologist specialising in maritime archaeology. Employed by Bohusläns museum since 2010, I have worked with contract archaeology projects both on land and underwater.


My PhD research deals with the creation and utility of digital archaeological data for research and communication purposes. The first stage of my PhD project resulted in a licentiate thesis (Digital Maritime Sights: Digital visual documentation and communication in Scandinavian contract maritime archaeology). In this, I investigate the use of digital visualisations for knowledge production and communication of underwater maritime heritage among contract maritime archaeologists operating in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The study draws on digital archaeology, maritime archaeology and heritage studies, as well as discourse and thematic analysis to understand the current use of digital visualisations.

My PhD thesis will focus on virtual representations of maritime sites and employs digital archaeological and media theory to understand the consequences of digital 3D recording on both archaeologists and future users of the data. The project aim is the creation of a workflow that considers end user experience from the outset, allowing archaeological data to be reused and experienced in new ways.

Questions that inform this line of enquiry include: Is it possible that identical data sets can be used by specialists and wider audiences alike? Should archaeologists be charged with this task or are there experts in other fields better equipped to do this? Could maritime archaeology benefit from other scientific fields where access is limited to experts, such as space exploration? It is intended that my work will expand potential audiences and future re-use of digital data.


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