Dennis Martinsson

Dennis Martinsson

Senior lecturer
Department of Law Faculty of Social Sciences
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I am employed as Assistant Professor (Senior Lecturer) at Linnaeus University and I hold a LL.D. in Criminal Law from Stockholm University.


In September 2016, I defended my PhD thesis "Om straffrättsvillfarelse" [Mistake of Law]. My research mainly concerns the general part of criminal law, i.e. the norms, rules and principles that define the fundamental requirements for when a deed is considered a criminal act that can result in criminal liability. My research also includes issues concerning criminal law and policy, in particular current tendencies in Swedish criminal law policy and political rhetoric in matters pertaining criminal law. Furthermore, my research includes (albeit to a minor extent) criminal procedural law matters, for example questions concerning exoneration and jurisdiction. To a minor extent, my research focuses on certain offenses, such as rape and international crimes within a national context.


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