Disa Bergnehr

Disa Bergnehr

Department of Pedagogy and Learning Faculty of Social Sciences
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Vice dean


Bergnehr lectures in social work, teacher training, child studies, migration and ethnicity studies, and family studies. She has a degree in psychotherapeutic work, and experiences of clinical practice. 


Disa leads together with Johan Malmqvist the research environment Research in Inclusion, Democracy and Equity (RIDE). Bergnehr's current research interests are immigrant parenthood and family life, schooling and parenting in disadvantaged areas, school health services, school - home relations, media representations of single parenthood, family policies, children's health and well-being, parent support services, and children's emotional and moral socialization in preschools. 

Bergnehr is part of the reserach project 'Single parents in Swedish media: Representations of lone parenthood 2010-2020', funded by Riksbankens Jubilemsfond (PI Professor Helena Wahlström Henriksson, Uppsala University). For information please see: https://gender.uu.se/research/projects/single-parents-in-swedish-media/. 

Bergnehr was the principal investigator of the research project ‘Resettlement strategies in families: Immigrant parenting, adolescent development, and psychological health’, funded by the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (Forte), 2016-2019. She is the principal investigator of the project 'Family life and relationships under Covid-19', which is part of the international research consortium I-CoFACT (London Institute of Education, UCL). 

Publications (selected)

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