Ellinor Sabel is a doctoral student in archaeology at the Graduate School in Contract Archaeology (GRASCA) at Linnaeus University.


In my research project I study how participant archaeology can be used as a source for health and well-being among citizens, and at the same time also contribute to archeological knowledge and research. Participant archaeology is an under-developed area in current Swedish archaeology. If you want to experience or engage in archaeological fieldwork in Sweden today, it is almost impossible if you are not a fully trained archaeologist or studying to become an archaeologist. Only a few companies and museums arrange projects where non-professionals can attend archaeological fieldwork, and due to the Swedish laws and regulations non-professionals are not allowed to initiate or execute archaeological excavations by themselves.

My main target with my research is to find and develop strategies that can be useful for anyone interested in creating participant archaeology-projects in Sweden in the future.


Licentiate thesis, monograph (Other academic) (Other academic)