Emeli Wickström

Emeli Wickström

Education administrator
Faculty Office of Technology Faculty of Technology
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The application form for examination at a different location within the Faculty of Technology is found here: lnu/annan_ort/en.

Main responsibilities: Education administrator for Electro technology master level and for the department of Informatics, course evaluation in Survey & Report, examinations at a different location and welcome letters for new students.

I am also responsible for the function of the education administrators at the Faculty of Technology. This includes leading and distributing the work, leading development work within the group and being responsible for the function's assignments being fulfilled based on goals, strategies and business plans.

Examination at a Different Location

Short summary of rules and recommendations:

  • Apply well in advance!
  • Inside Sweden, the examination can be arranged at another university college, university or municipal learning center offering higher learning courses. Outside Sweden, embassies and consulates are approved locations for examination. Students may also apply to do exams at universities with active LNU exchange agreements.
  • All rules for examination apply. The examinee may leave the room earliest 50 min. after the start time in Växjö/Kalmar and must also be in place and have started at that time.