Emelie Patron

Emelie Patron

Senior lecturer
Department of Education and Teachers' Practice Faculty of Social Sciences
Hus Radix, Kalmar
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In my thesis work, I focused on how teachers reason about and use visual representations when teaching chemistry, and how students experience and make meaning with these representations. My theoretical framework builds on a social semiotic perspective combined with a phenomenographic framework.

VR project

From January 2023 I am involved in the VR project: Making the invisible visible. In this project, we are interested in how undergraduate physicists and chemists come to understand invisible phenomena in Chemistry and Physics through the specialized representations used in the disciplines. To address this important research theme, we focus on two specific content areas: electromagnetic fields and chemical bonding.

Digital tools and digital competence

I am also involved in the transdisciplinary research group Digital Tools and Digital Competence in Preschool and School Teaching 

The research group is moulded around the theoretical concept of Design for Learning (DfL), according to which teaching and learning is to be seen as a form of multimodal design. As part of the DfL framework, a model – Learning Design Sequence (LDS) – has been developed for teachers to use to plan and evaluate their teaching, and for researchers to use as an analytical tool in research studies. The research group is currently running three studies in which the use of digital animations in the teaching and learning of different subjects is studied, based on LDS.


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