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Emma Ricknell

Doctoral student
Department of Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences
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My dissertation focuses on the death penalty in the U.S., with emphasis on legislative developments over time at state level. I am part of the research environment Varieties of Political Representation (VPR).

I also conduct research on online communities, where I am particularly interested in understanding connections between technology, extremism and nihilism.

During 2016 I worked as a part-time research assistant on the project Decreased ideological polarization and conflict in Western Europe? (MIPOK), which is a collaboration between Linnaeus University and the University of Gothenburg, financed by the Swedish Research Council.

I have a master's degree in Political Science from the University of Gothenburg and master's degree in Peace Studies from the University of Bradford, UK. I also have a degree in Journalism from the University of Gothenburg, as well as a degree in Peace- and Conflict Studies from my alma mater, Umeå University.

Before embarking on my PhD studies, I worked as a paralegal at the Habeas Corpus Resource Center in San Francisco, serving indigent men and women under sentence of death in California.


I have taught on the following courses:

  • Svensk och jämförande politik (Statsvetenskap I)
  • Internationell politik (Statsvetenskap I)
  • International Human Rights Law
  • Human Rights in Historical, Philosophical and Theoretical Perspective
  • European Human Rights Law
  • The Law of Sustainable Development
  • International Law
  • Oral Presentation Skills