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Eric Snodgrass

Senior lecturer
Department of Design Faculty of Arts and Humanities
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Senior Lecturer and Program Coordatinor at the Department of Design. Current research looks at the intersections of politics and technology, with a focus on infrastructures of power and forms of intervention. Recent work includes the co-edited volume Executing Practices (Open Humanities Press) and a PhD dissertation, Executions: Power and Expression in Networked and Computational Media.

Upcoming publications and talks:

"Risk analysis: Frontex's analytics of domination". Talk for Digital Fortress Europe conference. Brussels, Belgium, 30-31 October 2019.

"Units of Expression". Talk for Aarhus University's Aesthetic Seminar Series. Aarhus, Denmark, 21 Nov 2019.

"Burn, Dream and Reboot! Speculating backwards for the missing archive on non-coercive computing". Workshop with Helen Pritchard at ACM FAT* 2020 (CRAFT: Critiquing and Rethinking Accountability, Fairness and Transparency) conference. Barcelona, Spain, 27-30 January 2020.

"Executing Uncertainties". Chapter written with Critical Software Thing for Uncertain Archives (MIT Press). Forthcoming


BA Design + Change: Sustainability & Creativity—Design with a species; 2D Design—Identity systems; Techologies and Energies; Design Processes—Time; Design & Power; Independent Thesis Project

MA Design: Design Project—Transdisciplinary Design


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  • Samson, A., Muldtofte, L., Soon, W., Snodgrass, E., Gallardo, F. (2018). Execution. Posthuman Glossary. London, Bloomsbury Academic. 141-145.

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