Eva Binder

Eva Binder

Department of Building Technology Faculty of Technology
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As postdoctoral researcher I have a strong focus on research activities. Sharing and passing on knowledge is an essential part of my work, which will be complemented with teaching activities here at Linnaeus University.

My research is based on experimental investigation on the one hand, and modeling on the other hand. This combination of experiment and modeling proved beneficial during my research activities at the University of Technology in Vienna. There my work was mainly focused on the time-dependent behavior of cementitious materials, but also the behavior of human bone was investigated. The gained knowledge in time-dependent material behavior and experimental design is extended and strengthened here at the Department of Building Technology at Linnaeus University.


Teaching activities are related to the material of concrete. Thanks to a profound knowledge of mechanics, structural analysis, cementitious materials and structure, gained from research and previous teaching activities in the area of mechanics and structural engineering, I can support colleagues in various courses.


My research is dedicated to experimental investigation and modeling of time-dependent behavior of materials. Designing testing campaigns to investigate different influences, like temperature or humidity, on materials, which show time-dependent behavior, is a challenging task. Considering the physical basics of the model during the experimental design proved successful. Additional knowledge can be gained, if simple tests are combined with new models for the evaluation of test data. A combination of modeling and experimental investigation is a fruitful strategy for any research.


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