Fredrik Gunnarsson

Fredrik Gunnarsson

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I have worked as an archaeologist since 2010 and specialise in prehistoric and digital archaeology. I am employed at the dept. of Museum Archaeology at Kalmar county museum and a doctoral candidate in the GRASCA graduate school at Linnaeus University.


My research is focused on how digitalisation can contribute to making Swedish contract archaeology socially relevant in new ways. I investigate how archaeological knowledge production is created in the digital environment. This is achieved by understanding how knowledge production and communication of results is carried out within contract archaeology. The goal is to create new knowledge about how contract archaeology can increase its ability to create relevant knowledge for authorities, researchers and the general public.

In my licentiate thesis (Gunnarsson 2018), knowledge gaps were identified regarding how knowledge production in contract archaeology is affected by digitalisation. There are problems, for example, with the fact that the current digital information infrastructure is not enough to ensure quality of all digital data produced by the sector. Another observation was that the social context of the practitioners largely influences how well they manage to follow the digital development. The results also showed opportunities for contract archaeology practitioners to develop their knowledge production through, for example, digital openness, collaboration and new ways of communicating.

In the research for my doctoral dissertation, I further elaborate on the socio-cultural contexts of practitioners and authorities and how these affect the ability of contract archaeologists to produce relevant knowledge in the digital environment. I analyse how well the existing digital infrastructure works and how it relates to parallel digital infrastructures where providers produce knowledge. The goal is to develop new strategies for digital contract archaeology that help the sector to produce relevant knowledge for society today.


Doctoral thesis, monograph (Other academic)