Heidi Hagerman

Heidi Hagerman

Senior lecturer
Department of Health and Caring Sciences Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Hus Vita, Kalmar
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I am a RN, and with clinical experience from the home care of older adults. I have a PhD in Nursing and a MSc in Medical Sciences, and have been working in the Academy since 2010. I have a position as Senior Lecturer at the Department of Health and Caring Sciences and is a part of the research group Resilient Healthcare and Patient Activation (ReAction) group, at Linnaeus University.


My teaching subjects are scientific theory and method, caring science and leadership and organization. I work in the nursing program and in the specialist nursing programme. I am examiner for a number of courses and supervisor for bachelor and master students when they write their theses. I am also assistant supervisor for a doctoral student.


I got my doctoral degree in nursing at Uppsala University in 2019 with the thesis “Working life among first-line managers and their subordinates in elderly care - an empowerment perspective”. 

I am a part of the Resilient Healthcare and Patient Activation (ReAction) group, at the Department of Health and Caring Sciences, Linnaeus University, led by Professor Mirjam Ekstedt. The ReAction group focuses on complex interventions and self-management support in people with chronic conditions. I work with several joint research projects and I am a supervisor for the PhD student Ann-Therese Hedqvist. 


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