Henrik Drake

Henrik Drake

Associate Professor
Department of Biology and Environmental Science Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Hus Vita, Kalmar
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I am a geochemist/geobiologist interested in deep ancient life and interaction between microbes (fungi, archaea, bacteria), deep groundwaters, gases and minerals. 


I am involved in new published research on early lifeforms on Earth:

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I teach in courses in Environmental Science. An important part of my commitment is to supervise Bachelor, Master, and PhD students and post docs. I am program leader for the advanced level bachelor program in Environmental Risk Analysis and the master program in Environmental Science and Sustainibility.


My research projects focus on geochemical and geobiological aspects of the deep subsurface, particularly on tracing and characterizing ancient (and modern) microbial methane production and consumption in the continental crust. A particular environment of interest is impact craters, the ancient life signatures they may host, and the obvious astrobiological implications.

My research projects are funded by external grants from e.g. Swedish Research Council, Formas, Crafoord fund and National Science Foundation (USA).

The research also involves characterization of the interplay between eukaryotes (like fungi) and prokaryotes in these deep environments. Most of my studies focus on microscale isotope investigations to decipher ancient microbial activity, and coupled biomarker and geochronological determinations.

Another research avenue is the influence of microbial activity on the remediation and uptake of toxic metals (e.g. U) into mineral sinks in deep groundwater fracture systems.

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The Siljan article made it into top 50 of Nature Communications articles in Earth and Planetary Sciences 2019:



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