I have more than 30 years of experience regarding social work in practice and research from various positions and organisations, such as social worker/family home secretary in the social services, human resources consultant in occupational health and later as a teacher/lecturer/researcher/postdoc/manager at the university. Since 2016, I have been a lecturer in social work at Linnaeus University.


I have taught at programs in Social work and in Human Resources and Work Life Conditions, mainly on organisation, group, collaboration, evaluation, professional social work, professional personal development as well as supervised and examined candidate theses.


My research has mainly focused on organisation, collaboration and monitoring. The doctoral thesis entitled Development of collaboration: A participatory action research project within Swedish health care was presented in 2012. In 2015, I had an assignment as a postdoctoral fellow in the Swedish Family Care Competence Centre (SFCCC) which was concerned implementing and conducting research on the systematic monitoring of actions aimed at children as next of kin in the municipal social services.

My research interests have evolved into dealing with the area of organising efforts for children as next of kin. I have mainly used interactive research as participatory action research, i.e. performing research together with professionals in places where research and development projects in the field have benefited each other.


Since 2018, I have had a full-time mission as a researcher and facilitator at the Swedish Family Care Competence Centre (SFCCC), focusing on the area of children as next of kin. The mission involves supporting national development and research in the field, strategic planning and activities that support the introduction and development of support measures for children as next of kin in county councils, municipalities and private health care providers. It involves developing support efforts and methods and supporting the implementation of systematic follow-up of efforts.

I am also the coordinator for the Research Network for Young Carers and for Family Consultants – children as next of kin.


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