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Jalal Safipour

Associate professor
Department of Health and Caring Sciences Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
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My background is Social Science in the field of Social Research (Sociology). I started my research training as a BA student in the field of "Social Deviation" and "Suicide" in Iran. Later I continued my research in the area of "Social Alienation" were I was a master student. I completed my PhD (in Medical Sciences) at the multidisciplinary department, entitled Neurobiology, Caring Science and Society in one of the world’s leading medical universities, the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. After completing my PhD, I started working as a research assistant at Karolinska Institutet in a project entitled “Discrimination in Swedish health sector”. In 2012 I moved to Canada to do my postdoc at the University of Alberta in the field of “Ethnicity and Health”. I did my second postdoc at the University of Manitoba in Canada in the area of “Child and Youth Health Services and Policy Research”. I am currently moved back to Sweden and working at Linnaeus University. I am teaching in four main subjects: 1) Health Care in an Intercultural Perspective, 2) Socio-Cultural Determinations of Health, 3) Perspective on Contemporary Illness, and 4) Youths Health (with focus on mental and sexual health). In last ten years I have been collaborating with researchers at the large universities within Sweden, Iran, USA and Canada. Through these fruitful collaborations I have gained valuable experiences and knowledge in qualitative and quantitative research method, interdisciplinary studies, and international work.


I am the International Coordinator for the Department of Health and Caring Sciences.


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