Since 2015 I have been a senior lecturer in Building Technology. Before that, I was an industrial PhD student at the University and in 2014 I defended my doctoral thesis on strength grading of structural timber. Previously, I have been working as a structural engineer at various consulting and contracting companies.


I teach in three courses for third year students studying the bachelor programme in Civil Engineering, with specialisation in Building and Construction. In the course "Steel and wood structures" I am responsible for calculation exercises and a project assignment. I am also responsible for the course "Project in Building Design – Project Planning" which includes a major design task in which students apply obtained knowledge about the structural materials concrete, steel and wood. I am also Course Coordinator of the "Degree Project Course" which is given in both in the previously mentioned bachelor programme in Civil Engineering, and in the bachelor programme in Building Technology, with specialisation in Architectural Engineering. The course includes how scientific publications should be formulated both in terms of content and language. Every second year I also teach about steel structures within an education programme at the Military Academy, Stockholm.


My research concerns development of strength grading methods by which the mechanical properties of structural timber can be predicted with high accuracy. The purpose is that the engineering potential of the wood material could be utilized in a much better way than what is possible with the grading methods used today. The new methods can, for example, be used to grade lamellae of glulam and cross laminated timber for the purpose of optimising the structural properties of such products. A number of projects with this focus have been carried out and are ongoing in cooperation with the industry. I am also deputy supervisor for four Phd students whose studies concern scanning of timber pieces, strength grading, and modeling of wood and timber properties. I am also participating in a project for the development of knot models using laser- and CT scanning.


I have been project leader for two pre-studies which served as a basis for application for civil engineering rights submitted by the Linnaeus University to the Swedish Higher Education Authority in the spring of 2018. I am also deputy project manager for the education project "Expert Competence for Sustainable Timber Engineering", which concerns development and accomplishment of courses on academically advanced level to professionals in the construction sector and the woodworking industry. I also participate in a project concerning the development of a two-year masters programme in Sustainable Structural Engineering.


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