Jens Agerström

Jens Agerström

Department of Psychology Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
45081, Hus Vita, Kalmar
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Jens Agerström is professor of psychology. The main fields of research are social psychology and work and organizational psychology. Jens is one of the research leaders of one of the university's most prominent research environments which have been designated Linnaeus University Centres: LNUC - Discrimination and Integration Studies. Jens earned his PhD from Lund University in 2009 and has held a tenure at Linnaeus University since 2012.


His research falls mainly within social cognition and work and organizational psychology.

One research program concerns discrimination based on e.g., ethnicity, gender, obesity, and socioeconomic status. In particular, my research focuses on implicit and explicit prejudice and stereotypes as causes of discrimination in the labor market and within the health care system. To understand how both implicit and explicit biases play out in organizational settings, my research combines methods from both social psychology and behavioral economics.

A recent project examines the effectiveness of different interventions to increase diversity within organizations and in conjunction with recruitment.

Another research program examines how psychological distance (e.g., temporal distance) and level of mental construal influence moral judgment, moral behavior, and anticipated emotional reactions. I also study social norms and altruism, and more specifically the practical utility of signalling local versus global norms in the context of charitable giving.



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