Jonas Nordqvist

Jonas Nordqvist

Associate senior lecturer
Department of Mathematics Faculty of Technology
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Previously I've been involved in many of the first year courses in mathematics and some in mathematics education and computer science here at Linnaeus. However currently I'm primarily involved in the following courses on a regular basis:

  • Introduction to machine learning (Spring)
  • Linear algebra (Fall)
  • Optimization (Fall)

I'm always interested in taking on students for degree projects. Please feel free to contact me if you have an idea to discuss.


My primary research interest is dynamical systems, discrete mathematics and most recently AI and machine learning. In my thesis I studied iterations of power series giving rise to discrete dynamical systems. The iterated functions are studied both from a dynamical perspective and from a number theoretic point of view. The problem have lead to results in number theory, non-archimedean dynamics, and in complex dynamics. Nowadays my primary interest is AI and machine learning and I'm involved in the research group AI and machine learning for optimization and operations research. Our most current project concerns developing new methods and algorithms for reinforcement learning. Moreover, I'm also involved in two projects in DIA as an assistant supervisor. 


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