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Jonas Nordqvist

Department of Mathematics Faculty of Technology
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I've changed my lastname from FRANSSON to NORDQVIST.

I'm a high school teacher in matematics, and I have a master's degree in mathematics from Linnaeus University. Since october 2015 I'm pursuing my PhD here at Linnaeus University in mathematics under the supervision of Docent Karl-Olof Lindahl.


Fall 2019 I'm teaching Linear algebra. Previously I've been involved in many of the first year courses in mathematics and some in mathematics education and computer science here at Linnaeus.


My research has so far revolved around the problem of lower ramfication numbers for power series with a fixed point in the origin and that are tangent to the identity: dynamically this can be thought of as studying the evolution of the multiplicity of the origin under iterations of the power series. Studying this problem have lead to both results in non-archimedean dynamics, and in complex dynamics.

I'm also interested in discrete mathematics in general and also the intersection between mathematics and computer science. Particularly I'm interested in statistical modelling and machine learning.


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