Exams and positions, with dates:

  • 1989 PhD in Business Administration, Copenhagen Business School
  • 1996 dr merc, Copenhagen Business School
  • 1989 Senior Lecturer, Organization Theory, Copenhagen Business School 2000 Adjunct professor, Copenhagen Business School
  • 2000 Professor in Business Administration, Organization and Leadership Linnaeus University, Växjö/Kalmar, Sweden

Books and articles written for international publishers, with dates:
1982-1987 Project leader (with Ann Westenholz) for a Nordic project on employee-owned companies with 12 Nordic researchers, which resulted not only in the book ”Medarbetarägda företag i Norden. Historisk parentes eller framtid möjlighet” (”Employee-owned companies in the Nordic countries – historical parenthesis or future possibility?”) (with Ann Westenholz) but also in a PhD thesis ”Arbetskooperation – att äga och arbeta tillsammans” (Worker cooperation – working and owning together”) published in 1989 by the Nordic Council of Ministers. An article was also published (with Ann Westenholz): Employee owned companies in the Nordic Countries. In Rus V & Russel, R: International Handbook of Participation in Organizations. Vol 2, Oxford University Press.

In 1996, a Dr. merc. thesis was published at the Department of Organisation and Industrial Sociology, Copenhagen Business School, which included the sections ”Från medbestämmande till medansvar” (”From co-determination to joint responsibility”) and ”När legitimiteten ifrågasätts – Om medarbetarägande och andra ovanliga organisationsformer” (”When legitimacy is questioned. Employee ownership and other unusual forms of organisation”) (Nytt fra Samfundsvidenskaberne, Copenhagen, 1996).

1994-1997: Project leader for what was known as the Moffs project (Medarbetarägda företag i offentlig sektor (Employee-owned companies in the public sector)), which was financed by the Swedish Council for Working-life Research. The aim was to survey, describe and analyse the process of changeover to worker ownership in different parts of the Swedish and European public sector (particularly healthcare, nursing, dental care and childcare) and to study what the consequences are for the leadership, organisation of the work, and the finances. The project resulted in a book ”Medarbetarägande – Förnyelse av offentlig sektor” ( ”Worker ownership – renewal of the public sector”) (published in 1997 by Carlsson Publishing) as well as the articles ”Medarbetarägande och legitimitet i nykooperativt företagande” (”Worker ownership and legitimacy in new cooperative businesses”) (in Grut, K & Mattson, E (ed). Social ekonomi – kraften hos alla människor, Stockholm, Brevskolan, 1998), ”Om legitimitet och legitimering vid förnyelse av offentlig sektor – Exemplet medarbetarägd vård och omsorg” (”Legitimacy and legitimization in the renewal of the public sector using the example of employee-owned healthcare”) (in Kommunal ekonomi och politik nr 1998) and ”Om social och kommersiell ekonomi – medarbetarägd tandvård och stiftelseägda IKEA-möbler” (”Social and commercial economics – worker-owned dental care and foundation-owned IKEA”) (in Westlund, H (ed): Social ekonomi i Sverige, Stockholm, Fritzes 2001).

2001-2004: Project leader for research project “On market terms” financed by the Knowledge Foundation. The aim of the research project, which lasted from 2001 to 2004 and involved five researchers with PhDs, docents and professors, was to study the consequences of the changes in public and cooperative organisations that operate increasingly “on market terms”. Within the project, I was particularly involved in two projects which involved comparisons: In the first, forms of steering and efficiency in healthcare are compared (in the Scania region, the organisation, steering and efficiency at Angelholm and Helsingborg hospitals, which have been made into limited companies, are compared with the organisation, steering and efficiency at two county-council-run hospitals, Ystad and Kristianstad). This study resulted, among other things, in the article “The vision gives wings. A study of two hospitals run as limited companies” (Management Accounting Research, no 44, 2004).

In 2005 the final report of the study was published in the book “Sjukhus som bolag – Om legitimitet och identitet” (“Hospitals as companies – legitimacy and identity”) and in an article “Legitimering och identitetsskapande när sjukhus blir bolag” (Legitimizing and creation of identity when hospitals become companies”) in Nordiska Organisationsstudier (NOS) no 1, 2007.

In the other study, county-council-run dental care is compared with dental care which has been hived off and is run as a worker cooperative. Based on a study of Kronoberg County Council dental care, where, for the past 15 years, half of the dental care has been run by worker cooperatives and half by the council, the consequences for the leadership, organisation and efficiency are studied. This study has resulted in, among other things, the book “Mångfald i vården – att skapa alternativa driftsformer” (“Diversity in healthcare. Creating alternative ways of working”) by Aidemark, Lindkvist and Rydberg, published by Landstingsförbundet, 2003. This dental care study has since then expanded and was published as a book by SNS, with the title “Tänder tillsammans. Personalkooperativ inom vård och omsorg” (“Teeth together. Worker cooperatives in healthcare”) and in the article “Tänder tillsammans – när landsting inför personalkooperativ som vårdorganisation” (“Teeth together – when the county council introduces worker cooperatives as healthcare organisations”), Kommunal Ekonomi och Politik, 1, March 2008.

From 2008 I have been working with research about the cultural and creative economy publishing articles and books in this field.


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