Lindita Aliti

Doctoral student
Department of Social Work Faculty of Social Sciences
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I am a PhD student at the Department of Social Work since 2017. My research focuses on children, youth and families in the migration process. 


I teach in the Welfare State and Social Policy in Sweden course, and International Social Work. I also supervise and examine students'. 


In 2015 Sweden received the highest number of so-called “unaccompanied” youth. It was also the year Swedish migration laws became more restrictive, and the “unaccompanied” youth were the most affected group by those changes. These laws resulted in various dehumanisation processes, such as age assessment which increased the rightlessness and precarity of young people seeking asylum. In an attempt to alleviate these restrictive policies, the Swedish government first presented the Upper Secondary Bill (Prop. 2017/18:252) and later the New Upper Secondary Education Bill (Prop.2016/17:133). In turn, this created new levels of deservedness.

The New Upper Secondary Education Act offered a temporary residence permit for studying in specific upper secondary education or vocational training to young people whose asylum requests were rejected. Such limitations with respect to the choice of professional education and the challenge to enter the labour market within a limited time frame have created difficult conditions for young people’s lives. My research focuses on understanding the conditions that this law has created from young people's own perspectives.